Daniel Kahlin: Software/Over5 Saturday, 13 July 2024, 04:41 (Stockholm)


Over5 is a c64/vic20 < - > Amiga/Pc/Unix-box transferring program. It supports serial transfer at 38400 bps using only a RS-232 level converter (like the VIC-1011A RS232C or the Handic V24 interface) and a 3-line standard nullmodem cable. NO special serialport chips needed!

Among the features are:

  • read/write/execute memory
  • filecopy with wildcards
  • read/write raw disk
  • read/write ZIPCODE archive
  • the Amiga/Pc/Unix-box as harddisk server (supports load/save $0801-$f600)
  • builtin diskturbo: file/format/track
  • timeout handling on both cbm and Amiga/Pc/Unix-box
  • fast basic bootstrap for most cbm 8-bitters
  • source code included


Over5 is written and maintained by Daniel Kahlin.


Linux port and Track read/write routine by Andreas Andersson.
Win32 port by Martin Sikström.
Over5 logo on this page by Patrik Wallström.


SerFile (PAL version)

FastRS (PAL version)

DiskSlave (PAL version)

MemSlave (PAL version)

FastRS Vic-20 (PAL version)

Linux/Unix/Win32 version (development):

  • over5-20021117.tar.gz - Over5 snapshot distribution (development).
    (Windows binaries: over5-20021117-win32.zip)
    This is a long due release of many improvements.
    • The code now has autoconf support, works on atleast Unix systems and Win32 systems (using MinGW32).
    • The Amiga code has been removed from the source tree.
    • Memslave is now runtime relocatable and has the option to install a reset server.
    • Vic20 fastrs is now runtime relocatable making it work under any memory configuration.
    • The bug that prevented SIMPLEREAD working on Win32 systems has been fixed.
    • The bug that required the current directory to be writeable when running over5 in server mode has been fixed.
    • Major clean up with completely new directory structure!
    • Experimental kernal patches are included (serfile and memslave in kernal).
    • Added a description on how to build an interface.
    NOTE: This is a development version, so some things may be incomplete/broken. If you encounter problems with the c64/vic20 programs you may try to use the c64/vic20 programs from the 0.711 release together with this release. (they use the same protocol)

Linux/Unix version (stable):

NOTE: Some things (mainly over5 server) only work with filenames consisting of capitals.

Windows version (stable):

  • Over5_0_711_win32.zip - Over5 0.711 Windows95/98/NT distribution. (Win32 port by Martin Sikström)
    Martin has also done excellent work on reverse engineering the Expert Cartridge on Martin's C64 Pages.

Amiga version (stable):

Similar tools:

Over5 is targetted for the plain c64, c128 in c64 mode and vic20 only. It additionally requires (and supports) only a user port serial adapter and a null modem cable.
If you have many extras for your Commodore computer like, SuperCPU, REU, non 1541/1571 compatible floppy drive, or if you want to use a different kind of cable that you already have lying around, then you might want to look at these utilities instead:

cbmlink: A transfer tool which supports the newly designed c2n232 interface, a wide variety of parallel cables (limited RS-232 support, does not yet support SwiftLink) and all Commodore computers you can think of. Written by Marko Mäkelä. (Based on prlink by Marko Mäkelä and Olaf Seibert)

Serial Slave: A tool to run your PC as a harddisk server for your Commodore (similar to the SerFile function of Over5). It supposedly works with an REU and/or SuperCPU. It requires you to have a SwiftLink, Turbo232, Silver Surfer or similar cartridge. Written by Per Olofsson.

Jeff's 1581 Emulator Project: This project is a software modification of Over5 to provide an interface for "c1541" allowing you to use a linux box w/floppy drive as a 1581 device with your 64/128. Modifications written by Jeff Ledger.

Useful cross tools:

Additional documentation and tools can be found at http://www.funet.fi/pub/cbm/, and http://www.fairlight.to/, among others...

Mail comments, suggestions and bug reports to <daniel at kahlin dot net>